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Because I Missed You

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Because I Missed You

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Because I Missed You

Ex husband Returns

Love Hate relationship

Love Triangle

The Heiress. The Billionaire Husband. The Ex.

American Heiress

Not Your Typical Heiress

Billionaire Husband

Shrewd Businessman



Set in the Hamptons and New York

Central Park, Hampton Homes, benefit Fundraisers. The yachts.


American Heiress, Wilhelmina "Billie"


     Billie and Miles have been divorced for years.  After one night of passion together, five months ago, she decides to rush into marriage with Michael even though she finds out that she's pregnant.  

Once she is married to Michael, Miles refuses to let her come back to him until she has let her marriage run its course.  

They have been in touch very little since.  But she can't get Miles out of her mind. She doesn't know if she is ready for another try with Miles. She does know that she needs him now.  

She just discovered the paternity of her baby.  This could blow up her perfect society marriage. Or it could bring her closer to her ideal life.  

Ex-husband, Miles


    British smart alec ex-husband, Miles, comes from humble beginnings.  With hard work, he climbed his way to the top of the restaurant world.  

He sees more to Billie than her New York society upbringing and her cutthroat business acumen.   Outwardly, she is indomitable, but he knows the girl inside, as maddening as she may be.

When they are together, their love-hate relationship is always explosive. 

Miles swore to himself that he would stay away from Billie as much as possible, but now she has pulled him back in.  

He needs to make her see it his way.  He doesn't want an affair with Billie. He wants all of her again, from now on.

Billionaire, Michael


      Michael loves being with Billie in business. They are the perfect marriage. People love the idea of their union and they love investing in it.  They are both winners. And Michael can't lose. 

     But recently, Billie has been distant, and the restauranteur has suddenly reappeared.  

     In an effort to keep his enemy close, Michael invites Miles to spend the weekend at the family's Hampton home.  

He will do whatever it takes to eliminate the competition. 


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